Curmudgeon Unplugged!!


Well, as usual I have not posted in a while.  However, I have some news that may change all that.  As of about 2 PM Wednesday afternoon we are now officially Comcast free.  That means no cable and no internet.  Now, you may find it ironic that my getting rid of the internet could potentially produce more frequent blogging but I believe it will.  Truth be told, with the internet at my finger tips I would often think, ”I’ll post ‘later’”.  Well much like the fabled “tomorrow”, “later” never came and I didn’t post.  Or, when I did get myself ready to post, I would get distracted by Facebook, Yahoo News, or a host of other things the internet has to distract us with.  (And that includes Freshly Pressed when I went over to WordPress.)

Not only that, but without cable I won’t have the House marathons on Bravo (does anyone else hate the Housewives of… or Pregnant in Heels) to distract me.  While we still get 19 channels (mostly of nonsense) the distraction factor decreases significantly with the decrease in the number of channels.

The bottom line is that I now will be more intentional about writing and I’ll actually sit down and do it.  Our apartment complex has free internet access in the business center so I will make planned trips to use it.  I’ll be able to still do my writing on my laptop, but then I’ll have to make the effort of going to post it.  Since my access time will not be at my finger tips I’ll have to use it wisely.  Actually think of the things I want to peruse on the internet and be more intentional (there is that word again) in what I do.

Who knows I’ll maybe even be able to get out and enjoy life more instead of watching it on the internet.

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Stars Quitting Facebook, Twitter – For a Day

Since I don’t live under a rock, I did hear about certain stars who have declared that they are giving up Twitter and Facebook in the name of charity.  No, not forever, just until the charity raises $1 million dollars.

First of all I have to question the sanity (and intelligence) of anyone who actually cares about what Lady GaGa (and she ain’t no lady) or anyone else tweets (or in her case it is actually more like “twits”).  I mean really, is this what your life has come to?  These “stars” are just people.  They eat, poop, and breathe just like the rest of us.  Is your life really made that much better knowing that Kim Kardashian has just stunk up an airport restroom?

Second, why would anyone feel the need to support a charity just because some pompous fool had decided to stop annoying us with the details of their lives?  Shouldn’t you support a charity because you believe in their cause, have some disposable cash, and truly want to help?  Can you not think for yourself and find your own charity to support.

But you say “they are raising awareness, that is a good thing”.  Really?  If this were simply about raising awareness then why the million dollar price tag?  They could pull this publicity stunt without demanding, like some common hostage taker, the million dollar price tag. 

OK, I am done ranting for now.  Time for the mindless to start opening up their pocketbooks becasue of a bunch of overpaid blowhards tell you too.

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Colorado Day 4

The day found us in Alamosa, Colorado and we made our way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.  We ran into a bit of trouble on Route 160 as there was an accident in a construction zone about 5 miles before Route 150.  We were diverted onto a dirt road and were diverted around the accident.  Following behind the sand clouds kicked up by the cars in front of us was something this city boy doesn’t do everyday!

We were delayed about twenty minutes but were soon on our way.  In due time, we reached our destination – the Great Sand Dunes.  Truthfully, from far away they are interesting to look at but not as impressive as up close. 

We stopped and shot this at the entrance to add to my collection of National Park entrance signs.

The dunes as seen from behind the visitor center.  Looks a little out of place, doesn’t it?

The dunes close up.  Mrs. Curmudgeon in the picture can provide some size refrence. 

Our next stop was Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods.  More on that in my next post.

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Colorado Day 3

Day 3 found us in Cortez, Colorado.  I had been there once before on my way to Mesa Verde National Park – which I had also visited once before.  That time it was a brief stop on a tour that included, Hovenweep, Natural Bridges, Lake Powell, and a few other sites.

Mrs. Curmudgeon and I spent more time there than I had last time.  Here are a few pictures:

This is the Spruce Tree House near the Chapin Mesa Museum.

This is a pithouse.  Partially dug into the ground and covered with mud over support posts.  The hole at the bottom of the picture is for bringing in fresh air.  The next photo

illustrates how this worked.

And this is a later period, more intricate Kiva (a room used for religious rituals). 

From Mesa Verde we then drove to Durango for a late lunch.  We found it most annoying that many of the restaurants were closed.  Evidently the good foilk of Durango eat lunch promptly between 11 AM and 2:30 PM so that if you arrive say around 4 PM and are quite hungry you have to wait until eateries re-open at 5 PM for dinner.  The Irish Embassy Pub was open and more than willing to feed our hungry selves.  Which is more than I can say for several of the other places in Durango.

From Durango we then headed to Alamosa and arrived there late in the evening and exhausted.  The next stop on our tour would be the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

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Colorado Day 2

Awoke in Grand Junction and searched for a place for breakfast.  Found a nifty place called The Egg and I.  If you are in or near Grand Junction the one we ate at was on West Park Drive.  We had a very positive experience.  The place was bright, airy, and quite cheerful; staff was friendly, and the food top notch.

Our next move was to journey into the Colorado National Monument.  A few pictures:

Unfortunately, it was overcast and only glimmers of sunlight poked through the clouds.

The next leg of our journey took us from Grand Junction through Moab & Monticello (Utah) and over to Cortez.  That is where we crashed for the evening.  Next up Mesa Verde National Park.

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Colorado Day 1

Our first day in Colorado was quite fun.  We headed to the Denver Art Museum and caught the King Tut exhibit.  After that we got on the road and drove to Grand Junction and spent the night at the Courtyard.  The hotel is a clean hotel and the staff were very friendly.  As someone who travels a lot and spends 30+ days per year in hotels, I have come to really appreciate something simple like a clean room.  My experience in Richmond this summer, found here, really left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

So ended our first full day in Colorado.  The next day we visited Colorado National Monument.  More about that in my next post.

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Mrs. Curmudgeon and I are travelling through Colorado for our 2nd anniversary.  We happened upon a nifty little restaurant called Jus Cookin’s

The staff was friendly, the food excellent, and my wife and I enjoyed it much.  We both had the Chicken Parm and it was “mmmm tasty”.  The Mrs also had the Chicken Soup and describes it as “lovelyfull”.  I would heartily recommend the place if you are ever near Lakewood, Colorado.  Meanwhile, our real adventure begins tomorrow at the Denver Art Museum where we check out the King Tut exhibit.

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