Comcast waited for me!

Here is a post for all of you who hate to hear the words, “We will be there between 2-5” or some variant thereof.  Well, one of the reasons that I haven’t posted in a while is that my darlin’ and I are moving.  That’s right we’ve left “mediocre-ville” and have moved into “almost shangri-la”.  Anyway, as part of that move comes the necessary setting up of cable.  So when I called the other day I did indeed get the dreaded, “Our technician will be there between 2-5”.  Lo and behold I was somewhat surprised today when at 10:55 AM my cell phone rang and it was the Comcast fellow asking if I wanted and early install!  Truth is that I did, but I was at work so that I thought was that.  I told him that I’d be home around 12:30 but couldn’t do it any earlier.  Well, when I pulled into my parking lot, there he was sitting in his truck waiting for me!  No it wasn’t a mirage and I haven’t completely lost my mind.  He was really there and waiting on me.  Long story short, he had me connected in no time.  For the first time in over a decade I’m actually happy with Comcast.  Maybe tomorrow pigs will fly.


About jollyjam365

Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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2 Responses to Comcast waited for me!

  1. Great post, very informative. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

  2. I happened to be doing some work-related researching in Yahoo today and came across this blog. I must admit that I’ve gotten somewhat sidetracked going through and reading some of your posts… I should probably be doing work. Carry on the great writing and i’m already looking forward to reading upcoming posts. Take care!

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