Ratty Hotel

Well, here I am in Richmond, VA for the Society of Civil War Historians meeting.  You can read more about that on my American History Blog.  OK, so I roll into Richmond late last night and check into my hotel.  The first problem is that they don’t have exactly the room I reserved (with a King sized bed).  They give me a room with 2 twin and I am told that I can take any problems I have with that up with the manager in the morning.  Honestly, that wasn’t a big deal so off to my room I go.  The first room has a broken air conditioner that should have been replaced a century or two ago so I ask nicely for another room.  When I am given a second room the lock doesn’t work.  Third time is a charm right?

Third room:  at least the AC works fairly well, but as I walk about the property one thought comes to mind:  What a DUMP!

So this morning I paid them for the night and headed for a Marriott.  In case you are wondering what I call ratty let me show you:

This is the view I saw on the way to the second floor.

Here is the door to what I hope is some storage closet.  No it wasn’t the door to my room, but sloppy none the less.  The room was not as bad, but still felt dirty.  Anyway, all is well that ends well.  They gave me no argument when I checked out this morning; my guess is because they know the condition of the place.


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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4 Responses to Ratty Hotel

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  2. You didn’t say in your blog how much they wanted to pay you to stay in their establishment. It looks like something the marketers would call “old time charm”.

    • jollyjam1 says:

      Well, I have to admit it wasn’t an arm and a leg. I like the “old world charm” but to this weary traveller it said, “run down and we don’t care”. This was also a national chain that we se advertised on TV now and again so I expect a little more.

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