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Ratty Hotel

Well, here I am in Richmond, VA for the Society of Civil War Historians meeting.  You can read more about that on my American History Blog.  OK, so I roll into Richmond late last night and check into my hotel.  … Continue reading

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Running North

So here we are currently in Roanoke, Virginia on my way to my brother’s house in Northern Virginia.  Why is it that whenever you are trying to get out of town and on the road fast, everything seems to actually … Continue reading

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I tried a new soft drink this weekend and I’m hooked.  First, let me give you a little background:  I am a Coke addict.  That is right I said it.  First, it was Coke, for me Coke was truly it.  … Continue reading

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Parents Watch Your Kids

It continues to amaze me how parents do not keep a good eye on their children, or any eye at all.  Monday when I went to work I discovered a few areas of the church where parents had let their … Continue reading

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Brilliant…as in the shade of red that my knees are.  My darlin’ and I went to an outdoor concert today sponsored by the local Christian radio station.  Unfortunately, we went minus the sunblock, so after a couple of hours we … Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Read or Too Lazy to Follow Directions?

OK, here is something I struggle with.  At work one of my coworkers and I are constantly putting up signs.  You know the ones, “please don’t turn off the AC”, “please close the door”, “do not unplug”.  Now the question … Continue reading

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Does This Look Like A Bus Stop to You?

So on my way home from work today I was listening to Moody Radio.  Now I don’t usually listen to Moody Radio – some times I actually seek out talk radio instead of flipping from station to station looking for … Continue reading

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