Stars Quitting Facebook, Twitter – For a Day

Since I don’t live under a rock, I did hear about certain stars who have declared that they are giving up Twitter and Facebook in the name of charity.  No, not forever, just until the charity raises $1 million dollars.

First of all I have to question the sanity (and intelligence) of anyone who actually cares about what Lady GaGa (and she ain’t no lady) or anyone else tweets (or in her case it is actually more like “twits”).  I mean really, is this what your life has come to?  These “stars” are just people.  They eat, poop, and breathe just like the rest of us.  Is your life really made that much better knowing that Kim Kardashian has just stunk up an airport restroom?

Second, why would anyone feel the need to support a charity just because some pompous fool had decided to stop annoying us with the details of their lives?  Shouldn’t you support a charity because you believe in their cause, have some disposable cash, and truly want to help?  Can you not think for yourself and find your own charity to support.

But you say “they are raising awareness, that is a good thing”.  Really?  If this were simply about raising awareness then why the million dollar price tag?  They could pull this publicity stunt without demanding, like some common hostage taker, the million dollar price tag. 

OK, I am done ranting for now.  Time for the mindless to start opening up their pocketbooks becasue of a bunch of overpaid blowhards tell you too.


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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