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Stars Quitting Facebook, Twitter – For a Day

Since I don’t live under a rock, I did hear about certain stars who have declared that they are giving up Twitter and Facebook in the name of charity.  No, not forever, just until the charity raises $1 million dollars. … Continue reading

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Virginia is for lovers……of traffic!

So yesterday and today I am in the Norfolk area for the 2010 Signature Conference of the Virginia Sesquicentennial American Civil War Commission.  More on the conference on my other blog later.  Today I write about the traffic nightmare that … Continue reading

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Do I look clueless?

I guess the question for today is: can’t anyone take responsibility for their own actions?  When I was younger I liked to read the comics.  One of those fond memories is of the Family Circus.  Often over the years that … Continue reading

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Ratty Hotel

Well, here I am in Richmond, VA for the Society of Civil War Historians meeting.  You can read more about that on my American History Blog.  OK, so I roll into Richmond late last night and check into my hotel.  … Continue reading

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Parents Watch Your Kids

It continues to amaze me how parents do not keep a good eye on their children, or any eye at all.  Monday when I went to work I discovered a few areas of the church where parents had let their … Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Read or Too Lazy to Follow Directions?

OK, here is something I struggle with.  At work one of my coworkers and I are constantly putting up signs.  You know the ones, “please don’t turn off the AC”, “please close the door”, “do not unplug”.  Now the question … Continue reading

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