An Open Letter to the People of Afghanistan

Nine years ago today terrorists reached out from training camps in your country and attacked mine, murdering not only Americans but citizens from over 90 different countries.  This group of terrorists, al-Qaeda, were supported by the government of your country at the time, the Taliban.  At no point immediately after 9-11 did the  people of the Unites States shout, “Death to Afghanistan”.  Instead, we recognized that the act was perpetrated by radical extremists and held them accountable.

A few days ago a radical extremist in this country proclaimed that on 9-11 he was going to be burning copies of the Koran.  He has since backed down yet I hear news reports of people in your country shouting “Death to America”.  This is what distinguishes us in the United States from the people of Afghanistan.  We use reason and wisdom to seach for and to hold the people actually responsible for horrible acts, responsible.  However, in your country instead of crying out against this one pastor, Terry Jones, or his congregation, you seek to hold an entire nation responsible for the act of one individual.  This is complete and utter foolishness. 

There are some in this country that want to hold the whole Muslim world responsible for the attacks of 9-11.  There are more of us in this country who declare that those attacks do not represent the whole of the Muslim world.  Unfortunately, the irresponsible actions of your countrymen who seek to hold all of America responsible for Pastor Jones’ actions only serves to paint your whole country as evil in the eyes of many.  Is this the way that your Holy Book teaches you to act?


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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