Curmudgeon Unplugged!!


Well, as usual I have not posted in a while.  However, I have some news that may change all that.  As of about 2 PM Wednesday afternoon we are now officially Comcast free.  That means no cable and no internet.  Now, you may find it ironic that my getting rid of the internet could potentially produce more frequent blogging but I believe it will.  Truth be told, with the internet at my finger tips I would often think, ”I’ll post ‘later’”.  Well much like the fabled “tomorrow”, “later” never came and I didn’t post.  Or, when I did get myself ready to post, I would get distracted by Facebook, Yahoo News, or a host of other things the internet has to distract us with.  (And that includes Freshly Pressed when I went over to WordPress.)

Not only that, but without cable I won’t have the House marathons on Bravo (does anyone else hate the Housewives of… or Pregnant in Heels) to distract me.  While we still get 19 channels (mostly of nonsense) the distraction factor decreases significantly with the decrease in the number of channels.

The bottom line is that I now will be more intentional about writing and I’ll actually sit down and do it.  Our apartment complex has free internet access in the business center so I will make planned trips to use it.  I’ll be able to still do my writing on my laptop, but then I’ll have to make the effort of going to post it.  Since my access time will not be at my finger tips I’ll have to use it wisely.  Actually think of the things I want to peruse on the internet and be more intentional (there is that word again) in what I do.

Who knows I’ll maybe even be able to get out and enjoy life more instead of watching it on the internet.


About jollyjam365

Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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