No Magic Pill

So I’ve been thinking about this recession we are in and the whining by both Democrat and Republican alike.  The problem is that in this microwave, drive-up, fast food world, we want a solution to the recession and we want it yesterday.  That goes to the root core of the general unrest and dissatisfaction in this country.  If the stimulus package put forth by the Obama administration had worked quickly we wouldn’t hear near the complaining we do today.

The problem is that this recession is like a Monday morning hangover after a drunken weekend of hedonism.  For years the typical American engaged in risky overspending putting thousands of dollars on their credit cards, buying homes they could barely afford, and having today what they could pay for tomorrow.  Well, now its tomorrow and you can’t pay for it.

There is no magic pill or powder to rid us of this ression-hangover and time is the only panacea for this mess we have gotten ourselves into.  Think about it, after years of recession, struggles to put food on the table, and the emptying of bank accounts just to stay afloat, do you really believe that the average American will ramp up their spending overnight?  Believe that and I’ve got a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

I predict that whatever plan comes down the line, Republican or Democrat it won’t be fast enough for the American people.  Then the party in power will be replaced by the other party and they will try something different.  This will have the effect of watering down the different plans out of this mess and recovery will take longer increasing frustration.


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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