Do I look clueless?

I guess the question for today is: can’t anyone take responsibility for their own actions?  When I was younger I liked to read the comics.  One of those fond memories is of the Family Circus.  Often over the years that I was reading it the parental figures would have a running battle with the little “NOT ME” ghost or gremlin that plagued the family.

Well, now fast forward 20 years or so and I seem to have that same running battle except in this instance instead of a house full of kids I have groups of adults hiding behind the “NOT ME” gremlin.  The scenarios change from day-to-day – a room left in tatters, a reservations totally screwed up, equipment not taken care of – but the reaction is the same: “I didn’t do it”, “It was clean when we left it”, “I put it away”.  I think that the day someone actually admits to goofing up I might just pass out from the honesty.


About jollyjam365

Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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