Kudos, Kudos, Kudos

This blog is not just about me complaining about the bad things in life (although that is fun); it is also about handing out the “kudos” to those who do well.  That being said I have 2 “kudos” to hand our this week.  Both are related to an incident that happened this weekend with one of our beloved kitties.

My darlin’ and I are both animal lovers.  We have three cats – 2 senior & 1 kitten.  One of our senior cats has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Late last week we noticed that this cat had for the most part stopped eating.  Now this kitty is definitely a chow hound so her behavior was definitely noticable.  By Saturday night it had been almost 2 days since she had a good meal.  Our concern grew so we called one of the local emergency animal hospitals.  The Bradley-McMinn Pet Emergency Clinic had us bring the kitty in right away.  She had a fever in addition to the vomiting and diarrhea.  Also, her white blood cell was through the roof.  They kept her overnight, all day Sunday, and until Monday morning.  The crew treated our little patient wonderfully and even called today to check up on her.  I want to send out a big THANK YOU to the crew who took such good care of our little one.

On Monday morning we picked her up and took her to Taylor Animal Hospital, her regular doctors.  They kept her Monday to see what was happening and let her come home in the evening.  We are really not sure what the deal is, the folks at Bradley-McMinn thought it might be something called a “thyroid storm” but the white blood cell count doesn’t seem to fit.  Either way she is currently home and eating again.  The folks at Taylor also called to see her status and we will be visiting them in the morning to see where the white blood cell count is.  But I need to issue a big THANK YOU to the folks at Taylor as well for the time and effort that they have put into the case.

Two wonderful animal hospitals and a bunch of caring people at both.  I am thankful.


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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