Running North

So here we are currently in Roanoke, Virginia on my way to my brother’s house in Northern Virginia.  Why is it that whenever you are trying to get out of town and on the road fast, everything seems to actually TRY to slow you down?  We packed the truck and left the house to start our journey and before we got a mile from home we discovered that I had left one of the suitcases back at the house.  Yes, my boneheaded mistake and I take full responsibility for it.

However, once we got back on the road, my wife informed me that there were 9 lights between our house and the interstate.  How many do we hit?  7.  That is actually a good number as my wife told me that she usually hits all 9.  Then, we stopped at McDonalds for some lunch (McNuggets are easy to eat while driving) but evidently so did everyone else in a 10 mile radius.  Naturally the folks at McDonalds had only one register open (why bother opening another when 3 of you can stand around doing nothing but talking).  Back on the road we ran into traffic in Knoxville.  All told we easily added an hour to our trip.

So here we are hanging out in Roanoke, Virginia our favorite stopping places when heading north.  BTW, it isn’t all bad, one of our favorite restaurants, Shakers, is here.  And dinner was scrumptious!  If you are ever in the Roanoke area check them out.


About jollyjam365

Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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