I tried a new soft drink this weekend and I’m hooked.  First, let me give you a little background:  I am a Coke addict.  That is right I said it.  First, it was Coke, for me Coke was truly it.  Then a while back I was diagnosed with insulin resistance which meant that I had to lay off the “real” stuff.  I found Diet Coke to be horrendous.  Then came along Coke Zero and Yee-Hah! I was back in business.

Well the other day we were in a earthy type all-natural store and I saw a product called Dr. Zevia (original huh?).  We bought a can, I tried it and I liked it.  So I searched for their website and here it is: http://www.zevia.com/

After finding out that they had other flavors including a cola I decided I had to try it.  Truth is that I do like to try all sorts of “different” stuff like that so it was pretty much natural for me to want to.  Lo and behold, I like it.  I mean I really like it.  So if you are like me and enjoy trying new things I encourage you to get some Zevia and give it a try.


About jollyjam365

Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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