Parents Watch Your Kids

It continues to amaze me how parents do not keep a good eye on their children, or any eye at all.  Monday when I went to work I discovered a few areas of the church where parents had let their children play unsupervised.  Problem is that one of the things that the little buggers were playing with was an expensive soundboard.  Knobs were turned, buttons pushed (including mine…grrr…), sliders slid, everything was out of whack.  Really how hard is it to watch your kids.  I mean you had ’em take some responsibility for them.

However, the worst case of gross negligence I have ever seen took place years ago when I was working at a local tourist attraction.  We had a school group come in on a class trip.  They went to the theater to watch the presentation.  As I was shutting the doors and getting the thing started a little girl (the school group was mostly 2nd or 3rd graders) walked out of the theater to go to the bathroom.  No one followed.  No teacher, no parent, no chaperone, no one.  Anyone could have grabbed that child and made away with her and it would have been a good half-hour before anyone even noticed she was gone.  Naturally, I kept an eye on her to and from the ladies room to make sure she was safe.  I was just amazed that none of the individuals who were actually the ones responsible for keeping the kids safe forgot what they were there for.

So parents, for crying out loud, watch your kids.  First and foremost make sure that they are safe.  Second, make sure that they aren’t playing with things that they shouldn’t.  Seems like common sense doesn’t it?


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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