Too Lazy to Read or Too Lazy to Follow Directions?

OK, here is something I struggle with.  At work one of my coworkers and I are constantly putting up signs.  You know the ones, “please don’t turn off the AC”, “please close the door”, “do not unplug”.  Now the question is: are the people I work with and the people who visit my building illiterate or ignorant?  Do they think that the signs do not apply to them, do they not understand them, or are they just to lazy to read?

This then got me to thinking which is the greater evil?  Is it the fool who reads the sign and says, “I’m not listening to any sign, I’ll do what I want”, or is it the one who doesn’t even look at the sign and is so in their own little world that they are clueless?  I have no idea.

When I was younger the song, Signs was popular – the original by Five Man Electrical Band.  To me it was a song of rebellion, I never imagined that I’d be on the other side of, “Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign“.  “Imagine that”


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Fellow from New Jersey transplanted to Virginia via Tennessee. I love my beautiful wife, history, and photography.
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3 Responses to Too Lazy to Read or Too Lazy to Follow Directions?

  1. Chreesha says:

    I work on a university campus and am Constantly having to make signs telling the students the most mundane things that they should already know not to do. I am convinced a lot of them fall into the “I’m not listening to any sign, I’ll do what I want” category an I used to be like that, then I became older (and smarter).

    BTW, I like that song, thus it is now a part of my ipod playlist.

  2. jollyjam1 says:

    Yes, I teach at a university as an adjunct and getting students to even read the syllabus can be a chore. I guess I expect more from the folks I work with who are supposed to be more mature.

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